Rose Buds Tea

As a symbol of love, Rose Bud Tea is also the best natural medicine for women.

According to the Oriental medicine, Tea roses have active benefits in blood, liver, hormonal balance. They also helps to reduce skin's dryness, blemishes and improve the skin's appearance.

Rose Buds Tea has a light pink color, and a sweet and natural aroma of roses.

Rose Buds Tea can also be used in sauna or bath.


- Put 2 or 3 teaspoons of dry buds tea into the teapot.

- Use some boiling water to clean the tea. Then rinse out the water.

- Add 80 to 85°C boiling water to the teapot, then leave for four to five minutes until the tea infuses in the water. 

- Add sugar or honey as preferred

- Enjoy the tea