There are so many legends about coffee, but perhaps the following story is the most orthodox which is agreed by majority of professionals.

Around the year of 850, a young Ethiopian goat herder one day saw his goats suddenly became extremely energetic after eating a strange tree nuts. He successively brought some seeds back to the village and gave them to the monks. After eating, the monks were very angry because the seeds too bitter, thrown them in fire. A perfumed aroma radiating out from flames. From that moment drink from roasted coffee beans is celebrated as a gift of God and the monks used as a drink to keep them awake in early morning pray.

Coffee began to conquer the Arab world in XIth century and quickly became the favorite drink. While alcohol is forbidden in Islam, coffee and tobacco which were coming substitutes were exceptions. That explained the acceptance and success of coffee in the Arab world. Early XVIIth century Europe started discovering coffee and quickly spread this new drink as it helped to increase work efficiency.

Today coffee is the most popular beverage in the world and is an important source of foreign exchange earnings for some specialized in cultivation of coffee.

The following map shows top ten coffee producing countries for the world today :

Also known as «Coffee belt», the map shows the majority of coffee countries located on or near the equator where hot climate is suitable for the development of the coffee trees. Vietnam is one of the top Robusta coffee exporter in the world.

The following document illustrates different ways to enjoy a coffee around the world :