Thai Nguyen's Tea

Thai Nguyen's Tea is the regional specialty in Northern Vietnam's highlands. The province of Thai Nguyen, which bears the name of the Tea, is considered one of the regions that provide the best quality and delicious Tea across the country.

Thai Nguyen's Tea is processed with pure traditional procedures. The Tea's quality depends on the skill and the proccessing secrets which jealously preserved by the manufacturer.

The best Thai Nguyen's Tea must have all the following factors: a featured hook-shape curly buds, a musty white-green color and a pleasant aroma. Infused Tea should have a honey color, a characteristic bitterness, and a lasting sweet aftertaste.


- Put one or two teaspoons of dry tea into the teapot.

- Use some boiling water to clean the tea. Then rinse out the water.

- Add 95°C boiling water to the teapot, then leave for two to three minutes until the tea infuses in the water.

- Enjoy the tea.

- The tea can be used again up to three to four times.