Hibicus Flower Tea

Hibiscus Flower Tea originates in Africa. There are approximately 200 genus grown all over the world.

Hibicus Flower Tea is a traditional drink of many countries in West, East and North Africa for its health benefits. Hibicus Flower Tea helps to treat coughs and colds, diuretic, and hypertension. It also has sedative and laxative effects.

Infused in warm water, Hibicus Flower Tea has a red color, a gentle aroma and a slightly acidy taste.


- Put 10 to 15 of dry petals tea into the teapot

- Use boiling water to clean the tea in the teapot. Then rinse out the water.

- Add 80 to 85°C boiling water to the teapot, then leave for four to five minutes until the tea infuses in the water.

- Add sugar as preferred, suitable for Hot or Cold drink

- Enjoy the tea