Lily Blossom Tea

Lily Blossom Tea is one of the most favorite tea in the art of tea ceremony in Vietnam and the Asia area.

Lily Blossom Tea is hand made from a Lily flower enclosed with tea leaf buds. When infused in warm water, Lily Blossom Tea releases a Red Lily flower from the tea buds, creating a spectacular eruption that makes your teatime a real ceremony.

Lily Blossom Tea, made from the best natural green tea, is the healthiest beverage. It helps to improve health and brain function, to increase fat burning, and help to lose weight. It also can lower the risk of various types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, protect brain in old age people, lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Green Tea helps you live longer and healthier.

Lily Blossom Tea is a type of flower tea that has characteristic aromas of Lily flowers combined with fresh and pure taste of Green Tea.


- Put one single blossom in a transparent teapot.

- Add boiling water into the teapot, and wait three to five minutes until the blossom completely opens.

- Enjoy the tea.